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Procurement Outsourcing

Greco Sales International specializes in procurement, the process by which goods and services are acquired at the lowest possible cost during the shortest period of time. We serve as the purchasing department for multiple customers and become the go to entity for their operating supplies. This way our customers can focus on getting their products to consumers, without the hassle of dealing with multiple companies and their different logistical processes in order to complete the end product.

Our Clients

We service customers from a wide array of industries, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, because we recognize every companies’ need for an experienced purchasing department. The relationships with our customers begin with us integrating with their business practices and learning their procedures. This way we can fully provide the support, products, and information that best fits our customers’ platform.

Our Suppliers

Strategic relationships with leading manufacturers and key suppliers allow us to lower costs and improve our customer’s bottom line. Greco Sales International is always on the lookout for new products and emerging technologies in order to keep customers current. We are continuously creating relationships with new and existing brands according to our customer’s product demands.

Making Procurement Easy.

We aggressively pursue the best interest of our customers so they can focus on providing their own products to consumers.

Key Suppliers